General Objective

This module aims to provide basic knowledge and skills in compiling and coding of data, analyses of data, interpreting results of analyses and presentation of results in the form of tables, figures short writings. The students will be introduced with the knowledge and skills of using R and SPSS software besides the use of Excel spreadsheets.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the module, students will be able to:

  1. Explain basic concepts of sampling in experimental research and survey
  2. Design experimental research and survey
  3. Explain the basic concepts of hypothesis testing
  4. Explain various types of data
  5. Develop codes for data entry
  6. Compile data in Excel spreadsheet
  7. Use Excel, SPSS, and R to analyse data
  8. Summarize data using central tendencies, dispersions and percentage
  9. Conduct t-test, z-test, and normality test using R and SPSS
  10. Use appropriate statistical tests for making inferences
  11. Interpret statistical analyses and report result

This module equips students with necessary knowledge and skills of research methods needed in carrying out case studies, experiments and social surveys and write technical reports. It includes the fundamental concept of research, data collection procedures, case studies and survey methods, research designs, experimental research designs, and scientific writing.