This module explores basic principles, processes of climate change and its impacts to natural as well as human systems. It deals with fundamentals of climate change, its causes, current status, future projections and its consequences. Climate Change is a pressing and challenging with regard to rising temperatures and sea levels, retreat of glaciers, alterations to precipitation patterns and frequent extreme weather events, climate induced changes in biogeographical patterns and loss of biodiversity which poses severe threats to contemporary and future societies. This module will also allow students to investigate the issue using interdisciplinary skills.


This module focuses on the knowledge and skills of modern conservation science which is cross disciplinary in nature and transcends the traditional boundaries of biology, ecology and environmental management. The students will learn about the need to manage biodiversity in the context of rapid increase in human impacts on ecosystems. Students will learn about the effectiveness of different approaches to conservation and develop a conceptual and practical understanding of conservation. This module also provide an awareness of the range of arguments for and against different strategies for managing ecological processes and conservation challenges.